Fitness Gift Guide

The best gift ideas for active people.

From accessories, to first time fitness shoppers, to more advanced fitness enthusiasts - our equipment experts share their favorite fitness tools that make the perfect gift for effective, at-home workouts.

From dumbbells to treadmills, we know the top fitness gifts for anyone on your list.


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Best Tools to get Started Working Out Recommended by Our Equipment Experts:

- Traditional Foam Rollers: Improve muscle strength for more pain-free movement. Plus, increase flexibility, circulation, and reduce muscle soreness. Enjoy maximum health benefits at an affordable price.

- Vibration Massage: Massage device that helps relax sore and stiff muscles to improve mobility using vibration technology for deep muscle activation. Accelerates warmup and recovery.

- Kettlebells: Adaptable to any strength routine. Adds variety to workouts, Plus, can be  incorporated into functional fitness training to improve every day life movements.

- Resistance Bands:  Benefits include being portable and easily packed for travel, adaptable to any fitness level, and ideal for anyone with limited storage space.

- Traditional Dumbbells: Dumbbells make a great gift because they are easy to increase weight as endurance and fitness levels increase, can be used by multiple people in a variety workouts and require virtually no storage space, meaning you can use them to workout anywhere, anytime.

- Adjustable Dumbbells: Adjustable dumbbells eliminate the need for multiple dumbbell sets, are compact, and our equipment experts agree they are a great starter set or addition to any home gym.

New to fitness? First time committing to an active lifestyle, or getting back into working out after a break or an injury? 

Our equipment experts recommend the following fitness solutions for "first time fitness shoppers":

- TRUE M50 Home Treadmill: This treadmill is designed for users of all fitness levels. Compact design that still provide an effective workout, with TRUE'S Soft System® shock absorption to cushion the impact experienced on a treadmill. Learn more.

- TRX Home Gym: Perfect for anyone who on-the-go, or who has space constraints. Lightweight and portable, and can be used in a variety of workouts to build muscle, burn fat, and improve mobility. Explore the TRX Home Gym.

- Octane Max Trainer: Octane's newest HIIT tool is designed to accommodate all fitness levels. Minimum time for max results - use the14 Minute Interval program for a powerful total body workout in no time. Intuitive design enables exercisers to get on and get started immediately. Learn more about the benefits of the Octane Max Trainer.

- Octane Q47XI Elliptical: Excellent solution for anyone who needs an effective, low-impact workouts. Its space efficient design is great for anyone with limited space. And Octane’s SmartLink app delivers multiple pre-programmed workout programs to keep workouts fresh and challenging. Watch one of our equipment experts demonstrate the benefits of the Octane Q47 elliptical. 

Want to add variety or challenge current workouts? 

Our equipment experts share their recommendations for ultimate fitness gifts.

- Precor adaptive Motion Trainer® (AMT): AMT lets you personalize every workout, engaging your entire body and every muscle group. Precor's Open Stride™ is designed to fit virtually everyone regardless of size and provides an effective, personalized low-impact workouts. Shop now.

- Stages Les Mills Virtual Bike: Premier group exercise company, Les Mills, teamed up with leading indoor cycling company to create immersive cycling experience. Technologically advanced bikes bring the benefits of group fitness to your home. Stages Power meter technology provides the most accurate results reporting. See the new Stages Les Mills bike in action.

- True PS300 treadmill: Challenging workout programs for any fitness level. Plus, the Wahoo Fitness RunFit App integration allows you to track your cardio workout, while TRUE's Soft System® orthopedic belt reduces impact on joints and knees. Need help deciding on the right treadmill? View our treadmill buyers guide to know the top questions to ask when purchasing a treadmill for your home. 

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