A Vietnam Veteran’s Story: Accelerating Recovery with Exercise

Michael Price dedicated his life to serving his country and local community, and we are proud to show our appreciation by helping him return to a healthy, active lifestyle.

Michael is a Vietnam Veteran who spent 30 years serving his community as a police officer for the Wellesley Police Dept following his time spent in the military.

Injuries sustained in Vietnam, exasperated by his time as a police officer, were infringing on the active lifestyle Michael had always led. But, he was determined to not let his 5 spinal surgeries, left and right hip replacements, and knee replacement keep him down.

“Exercise has always been an important part of my life, but the combination of my surgeries and my old elliptical breaking down lead me to a lifestyle I would describe as hibernation.”

After his most recent knee surgery, he knew it was important to incorporate exercise into his daily life, as it helps to maintain muscle tone and increase flexibility - but more importantly made him happy. He just wasn’t sure where to begin.

This is where Gym Source joins Michael’s fitness journey.

He needed a fitness equipment solution that was low impact, could help him lose weight, act as a rehabilitation tool, and something that his family could also use.

“I was walking through the Jordan’s Furniture store when I stumbled upon Gym Source. Here was a place I could try a lineup of equipment, I didn’t know a place like this exists,” he says.

He worked with local equipment expert Margie at the Reading Gym Source to find the right equipment solution for his home gym. Together they tried numerous ellipticals and treadmills in store until they found the one that matched his desired level of comfort, versatility and support.

Margie understood his limitations, and knew she could find a way to accommodate it. She was determined to find Michael a home elliptical that addressed his wish list.

“It is easy to give up on ourselves as we get older or experience injuries. I really love to see people rebound and commit to their health,” Margie says. “I enjoy working with clients who might be struggling physically, but want to embrace health and fitness as a lifestyle.”

“The True ES700 elliptical was the best choice for me because it is suited for people with bad knees and hips, and had a nice cushioned feel to it. I thought it felt smooth and I experienced no resistance on my knees or hip,” he says.

Having the tool he needed to improve the strength and flexibility following his most recent surgery, he was ready to emerge from his self-described fitness hibernation.

Michael was excited to add the True elliptical to his home gym, but even more appreciative for the high-level of service he received upon delivery.

“After delivering and installing the elliptical, the Gym Source service team walked me through the best way to use the console, the different features and capabilities of the equipment, and gave me maintenance tips to keep the machine running at its highest level.”

He feels his new True ES700 elliptical supports his commitment to his post-surgery rehab, dedication to building his endurance, and provides motivation to begin experimenting with his workouts.

His suggestion is to start small and keep at it. “I feel myself growing stronger, and enjoying my workouts more everyday.”

We are proud to play a role in Michael’s journey to improved health and happiness. After a lifetime of service to his country and community, we are humbled to have served him.

Gym Source equipment experts are dedicated to finding you the best fitness equipment for your home gym by understanding your fitness goals and any limitations or pain you experience.

Want to try the True ES700 elliptical for yourself, or need helping find your ideal fitness equipment solution? Connect with your local Gym Source fitness equipment expert today.


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