Beat Workout Boredom

How to stay inspired to reach your goals.

To help you make this year your most fit, we polled personal trainers and equipment experts to learn the top tips to stay inspired and committed to working out.

How to Stay Motivated to Reach Your Fitness Goals:

  1. Find what inspires you
  2. Create a workout plan
  3. Stick to your routine
  4. Keep yourself challenged
  5. Find solutions to your usual excuses
  6. Hold yourself accountable with a workout buddy
  7. Determine small rewards to reinforce positive habits
  8. More tips to stay motivated to reach your fitness goals:

Proactively planning can help you avoid any potential obstacles in your fitness path, and help you stay committed to your fitness goals.

Staying motivated to workout out is no different than brushing your teeth.  It is about establishing a routine that becomes automatic.  There is a saying that "If it's not on your schedule, it doesn't exist" and unless you are a workout warrior, you may need to set a reminder on your phone or set an alarm with the most inspiring music of your choice to put you in the right mindset,” shares Sean Michael, personal trainer and owner of Transformations by Sean.

Esther Choi Williams personal trainer and TRX Instructor with fitblvd shares her top tips to avoid a fitness rut:

  1. Use social media for inspiration: Scour Instagram and get inspired. Pick a few people who exemplify how you like to move and follow them. Grab a notebook and jot down workout ideas for your next session.
  2. Focus on a specific goal: For instance, maybe you’ve always wanted to be able to do a pull-up. Focus on that goal and do everything you can to achieve it. That means you have to show up consistently and train every part of your body so that you can pull your own body weight up. Instead of focusing on losing weight, having a physical focus can in turn give you the motivation you need to show up for your training sessions.
  3. Hire a trainer: Yes - this is an investment. You can choose how long you want to work with one but having a good trainer can really make a difference. (We explore the benefits of Personal Trainers more below).
  4. Just show up: Here’s the real, honest, hard truth about motivation. It doesn’t last. You know what does? Deeply ingrained habits and discipline. Motivation can get you started but when that wears off, discipline has to kick in so that you build a habit of moving your body everyday.

Another excellent method to keep yourself inspired to break a sweat is to keep your workouts challenging, engaging, and different. Luckily, home fitness equipment continues to evolve to incorporate new technology that creates variety, and continues to challenge the user.

First, there are many ways to utilize technology to fuel fitness motivation including, downloading a fitness app, utilize equipment features built into your home gym equipment, and blend entertainment features with your workouts.

However; Innovative gym equipment designed with features to keep you engaged is a great way to crush your goals:

Dynamic Core Training:

The Stealth Core Trainer takes planking to a new level by pairing responsive video gaming with dynamic planking exercise. Stealth has been clinically proven to result in a more rapid and thorough workout of your core, arms, shoulders, and back by challenging users to incorporate both isometric and dynamic movements that shock the body’s nervous and musculoskeletal systems — all while playing a video game.

Embrace Strength Training as a Versatile Workout Tool:

Free weights are an excellent way to include variety in your workouts. For example, the design of dumbbells allow for workouts that incorporate a full range of motion, muscle stabilization, and portability allowing you to workout wherever you want. Learn more about the benefits of free weights in our Guide to Free Weights.

For example, the Hampton Gel Grip Dumbbells can help you build strength and endurance in your arms, back, core, and legs. Additionally, you can use them while doing cardio exercises to make your workouts more challenging. Plus, the versatility and small size of free weights means that you can get a total body workout in a small space.

Incorporate a HIIT Routine:

High Intensity Interval Training is no fad; it’s here to stay. High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT for short is alternating periods of short, intense anaerobic exercise followed by less intense recovery periods - leaving no time for boredom. Learn how to build your own HIIT routine.

Explore technologically advanced fitness equipment:

Utilize features already found on equipment to add variety to your home workouts.

- Stages Indoor Cycling is focused on creating a fun, empowering experience for cyclists, both indoors in studios and outside on the road. Their three models of SC series indoor bikes incorporate intelligent features, like magnetic resistance, the smooth CarbonGlyde drive system, the quick and easy FitLoc height adjustment system, and the popular SprintShift function into their workouts. Additionally, the Stages Power meter technology provides consistency and accuracy to every cyclist who is looking to count calories, track progress, or train, and is chosen by the most elite cyclists and studios in the world. While the engaging and entertaining group display system, Stages Flight, provides a dynamic multimedia fitness experience that instructors find easy to use and that motivates and challenges members to reach their personal fitness goals.

- For example, the Octane Q47 Elliptical is a technologically advanced elliptical that comes equipped with multiple pre-programmed workout programs to keep workouts fresh, effective, and challenging. Work towards your fitness goals faster by connecting your tablet to the app, set up your user profile, select your fitness goal (lose weight, tone up, overall health, or to improve athletic performance) and get going.

Cross Train for Variety:

Training for a marathon, but joints need a break from the pavement - hit the elliptical!  Products like the Arc Trainer and Zero Runner allow you get in mileage and build up endurance while resting your joints and mixing things up.  And don’t forget all the arm workout capabilities, that’s why they’re referred to as cross trainers!

Take a virtual tour of the Octane Q47 elliptical to learn how you can utilize key features such as the Glute Kicker and Arm Blaster.

Multi-functional fitness equipment also allows you to perform a variety of exercises on one piece of equipment. For example, the HOIST Strength App comes with a variety of pre-designed workout programs ideal for beginners to advanced athletes, and the ability to create and save your own workouts. Available for the Mi Series Gyms (including the Mi5, Mi6, Mi7 Smith Functional Training System), the app is designed with step-by-step instructions and photos to demonstrate how to perform each exercise.

Learn more about the benefits of multi-functional fitness equipment here.

Hire a Trainer:

A good trainer will ensure you’re not bored. Their expertise helps you incorporate new fitness accessories in your workouts, remain challenged and engaged, and keep your body guessing.

“Investing in a personal trainer is investing in your health and fitness. The best trainers meet you where you are in your fitness journey and help you become the best you through realistic, well-designed workouts. Plus, trainers hold you accountable, maximizes your time with efficient workouts, can help you achieve specific training goals, and (most importantly) motivate you,” shares Jim Gallagher with Strength for Life.

Need help selecting a trainer? Your local Gym Source equipment expert has a list of locally vetted trainers they can match you with. Or, visit our Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Personal Trainer to learn how to find the right match for your fitness goals.

Time to get started!

Whatever tactic works for you to keep things interesting, we encourage you to do just that. Plus, while we agree that having a routine is critical, it’s equally important to diversify your workouts and avoid burnout both physically and mentally.

Looking for more tips on how to maximize the versatility your fitness equipment offers? Talk to your local gym source fitness equipment expert to discuss the best workouts and technology available for your specific product to keep things most interesting. 

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