The 2019 Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts Fit for Gifting


Shop Gym Source's 2019 Holiday Gift Guide to find the most fitting gifts including, ellipticals, treadmills, strength solutions, and fitness accessories. 

Best gifts for fitness fans - download ultimate guide here.

To help you find the perfect fit this holiday season, our equipment experts have put together suggestions for our best gifts.

Gifting the tools for effective, at-home workouts is easy with the best fitness strength and conditioning tools. 

Shop our wide selection of fitness equipment and fitness accessories, or visit your local Gym Source showroom for personalized recommendations. 

Stocking Stuffers:

Ultimate Stocking Stuffers For the Fitness-Lover in Your Life. 

- TRADITIONAL FOAM ROLLER: Improve muscle strength for more pain free movement, plus increase flexibility, circulation, and reduce muscle soreness. 

- KETTLEBELLS: Adaptable to any strength routine, adds variety to workouts, easy to incorporate into any fitness routine to improve every day life movements. 

- TRADITIONAL DUMBBELLS: Easy to use and easy to increase weight as endurance and fitness levels increase. PLUS - added bonus of being able to be used by multiple people, in a variety of workouts. 

Considering purchasing free weights for the fitness fan on your list?
Learn the 15 best tips select the right free weights for your workouts and goals. 

- VIBRATION MASSAGE: Vibration therapy for deep muscle activation that helps relax sore and stiff muscles to improve mobility. 

- RESISTANCE BANDS: Affordable, portable, adaptable to any fitness level. (Need we say more?)

- ADJUSTABLE DUMBBELLS: Eliminate the need for multiple dumbbell sets, plus compact and adjustable! 

Free weights are a common addition to any home fitness space, but how do you know if adjustable dumbbells may be a better addition to your workout arsenal? Learn the unique benefits of adjustable dumbbells and why they may, or may not be the best choice for your free weight needs.

-TRX HOME GYM: Perfect for anyone on-the-go, or who has space constraints. Lightweight and portable conditioning tool that work for any athlete, at any fitness level, practically anywhere. 

First-time Fitness Shoppers:

Shopping for someone who is just beginning, or getting back into, their fitness journey? Gifting the accessibility of a fitness lifestyle is easier than you may imagine.

- The TRUE M50 Home Treadmill is one of the most popular among TRUE’s ‘motivation’ series of treadmills. Boasting the superior technology users expect from TRUE, the M50 features the industry’s most orthopedically correct running surface available. Plus, with a deck and running belt to minimize impact on ankles, knees, hips and back—it’s the perfect treadmill for users of all levels.

- The Octane Max Trainer is the newest, boldest HIIT machine that fuels major motivation and powerful results in functional training, small group workouts and the cardio floor.


- The Precor EFX 225 Elliptical offers a unique elliptical training experience that you never outgrow. With the motorized CrossRamp® feature you can target your focus on specific muscles and continue to challenge yourself, no matter how far you progress.

- TuffStuff SPT-6 Six-Pak Trainer is a compact and space-efficient all-frontal workstation that is changing the shape of strength training and offers unlimited functional and strength exercise training capability.

- The Hydrow Rower delivers a full body workout using a variety of pre-programmed workouts or by joining in the live rowing with engaging instructors. 

MEET THE HOTTEST, HIGH-TECH ROWER ON THE MARKET TODAY or Schedule a demo on the Hydrow Live Outdoor Rower. 

Ultimate Fitness Solutions:

Fitness enthusiast on your list who is craving new, versatile, and challenging workout solutions? Look no further. 

- The Precor AMT Adaptive Motion Trainer® redefines adaptive motion training by adding Open Stride™ technology. This feature allows fitness enthusiasts to workout on endless stride paths creating an individualized, low-impact workout.

- The TRUE ES900 Treadmill offers the very best in exercise machine technology and durability.

- The HOIST Mi7 Smith Functional Training System is a completely innovative, sleek and efficient home gym. This machine has a wide variety of features and patented technology that maximize space as well as workout options.

Take a virtual tour of the HOIST Mi7 to explore how it's a good fit for anyone who wants to improve full body strength and improve fitness endurance.

From accessories, to first time fitness shoppers, to more advanced fitness enthusiasts your local equipment experts can match industry-leading fitness equipment with individual goals, budget, and available space to help you find the fitness perfect gifts. Visit your local Gym Source showroom to get started today! 

Best gifts for fitness fans - download ultimate guide here.

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