Best Workouts to Improve Your Athletic Performance

Baseball and softball seasons are officially in full swing - so if you plan to crush it this season now is the time to incorporate strength training into your fitness routine. But what is the best workout for baseball and softball players? Depends on the specific position you play. But, everyone’s game can benefit from incorporating functional training into their workout routine.

How Functional Training Can Improve Athletic Performance
Even a small increase in power will improve your overall game. Ultimately, the goal of incorporating strength training is to increase your level of functional strength to avoid injury while supporting quick bursts of power, increased reaction times, and the ability to stop more precisely.

It is important to note, functional strength is more than increasing the force-producing capability of a muscle or muscle groups, but enhancing the coordination between your body’s movements, according to the American Council on Exercise (ACE).

Basically, improving your strength and agility in one area of your body leads to better performance in others.

In addition, to successfully work towards a higher athletic performance, it is important to build a strength training routine that also incorporates explosive power training drills (such as squats, weighted ball jumps or hill sprints). The overall goal of power training is to increase the greatest amount of force you can generate in the shortest amount of time, which can give you an edge over the competition.

So, when you incorporate strength training with explosive power drills you learn how to maximize your strength, and apply it correctly, to achieve your best results.

The Best Way To Train for Baseball & Softballs Players
As with most sports, gametime success is dependant on a player’s ability to control the power and speed they exert.

Game changing moments can occur anytime; a fielder’s ability to react and catch or chase down the ball, or a player’s ability to avoid outs by beating the play to the bag, a pitcher’s ability to throw targeted and at a higher speed. Lastly, and most obvious, hitting. The higher the bat speed, the farther the ball will travel.

The position an athlete plays will determine what functional movements are most important to finetune. So it is important to create a custom workout plan that incorporates a mix of the following (tailored to your goals):

Strength training to increase your performance. As your core strength, bat speed, and stability increases - your performance at the plate and in the field will improve.

Power training to give you an edge in your specific position. For example, catchers can benefit from squat exercises, while outfielders can benefit from sprint drills as they will need quick bursts of energy to chase down hits.

For the reasons above, combining functional training with explosive power drills can help to improve your overall athletic performance and protect against injuries.

How Baseball and Softball Players Can Incorporate Strength Training into Workouts

- Use a variety of weight training methods. (Cable machines, free weights, kettlebells etc).
- Incorporate exercises that train both your lower and upper body
- Integrate core training into your workout
- Be sure to strengthen your rotator cuff muscles

How Baseball and Softball Players Can Incorporate Explosive Power Drills into Workouts

- Understand the types of explosive movements that occur most often in your sport and the position you play (sprinting, lunging, throwing etc).
- Incorporate exercises that challenge both your lower and upper body
- Integrate exercises targeted at increasing both your speed and power

How to Power Up Your Home Gym Workouts
Home gyms are the perfect place to customize your workouts to fit your goals.

The advantages of working out at home include, eliminating wasted time traveling to-and-from the gym, flexibility to workout when it fits your schedule, and the opportunity to create a workout plan tailored to your lifestyle. (Learn how to create a workout plan that gets results).

Additionally, you can integrate technological features available in newer fitness equipment to fuel your workouts. For example, the HOIST Strength App comes with a variety of pre-designed workout programs ideal for beginners to advanced athletes, and the ability to create and save your own workouts.

Another effective way to gear up for your baseball or softball season is with the HOIST strength app’s new ‘Sports Conditioning Workout”. This workout is designed to prepare baseball and softball athletes for the muscle strength conditioning they need to be successful on the field and stay injury free.

Available for the Mi Series Gyms (including the Mi5, Mi6, Mi7 Smith Functional Training System), the app is designed specifically to focus on the primary areas that baseball players utilize to stay on top of their game - balance, explosive power, and core strength.

How To Use The Hoist Strength App To Improve Your Athletic Performance
- Download the App
- Using the drop down menu, select the HOIST gym you are working out on
- Scroll to “My Hoist - Workouts”
- Scroll to “Sports Conditioning Workout”
- Break a sweat

The workout routines provided include dozens of exercises, with step-by-step instructions and photos to demonstrate how to perform each exercise.

Hoist Fitness App Step 1  Hoist Fitness App Step 2  Hoist Fitness App Step 3

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New to the benefits of multifunctional home gym equipment?
Gym Source equipment experts can walk you through all the unique features and benefits of the best functional trainers for your home gym.

Below is a sample of multifunctional fitness equipment designed to improve full body strength and fitness endurance, and that can be used to improve your baseball and softball performance:

- The new Hoist Mi5 Functional trainer is a revolutionary, no compromise free weight station and functional trainer all in one. The Hoist Mi5 is designed to be versatile and to provide an effective workout. A unique feature of its functionality is that it incorporates both vertical and horizontal adjustments with the ability to lock the weight deck to complete body exercises.

For those whose expertise is also in building fitness spaces,the new Mi5 is a modern, functional trainer designed for a small footprint.

- The Hoist Mi7 Smith Machine and Functional Training System is ideal for anyone interested in building a versatile, safe home gym.

Enjoy a virtual product tour of the HOIST Mi7 with one of Gym Source’s equipment experts demonstrating the features, benefits, and versatility of this home fitness equipment.

- Octane’s Q47xi Elliptical is technologically advanced, equipped with SmartStride technology, and designed to engage your upper body with cross circuit training. Watch an equipment expert demonstrate how the Octane Q47 is a great elliptical for your home gym.

Interested in learning more about the best equipment for your home gym or testing fitness equipment for yourself? Visit your local Gym Source to connect with an equipment expert to be matched with the right home gym equipment for your budget, space, and goals.

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