Buddy Up: How a Workout Partner Supports Your Goals

Stay committed to your fitness goals all year. Just because the excitement of the “New Year, New You” commitment has worn off - doesn’t mean progress towards crushing fitness goals need to as well.

According to U.S. News, approximately 80% of resolutions fail by the second week of February, so we put together top tips to stay committed to your fitness resolutions all year.

One excellent way to increase your fitness results? Grab a buddy!

In honor of Valentine’s Day, and to sweat off all the potential sweet treats that come with celebrating, we encourage you to find your favorite workout partner and break a sweat.

- Accountability

There is strength in numbers. It may be easier to reschedule a planned workout with yourself, but it is not as easy to blow off your fitness buddy who is counting on you to meet up.

“Sometimes we need to be held to a higher standard and that is ok.  Find that person who is equally motivated to help the flow of accountability work both ways.  Knowing that someone is waiting for you will get you going - if nothing other than to show up.  Being around like-minded individuals will keep you aligned with your goals and work ethic,” shares Sean Michael of Transformations by Sean Michael in the New Jersey Area.

- Healthy Competition

We all have a natural competitive edge. If your buddy wants to push themselves a little harder, run a little faster, for a little longer, you’re likely to meet the challenge.

- Variety

It’s the spice of life, right? Boredom often leads to people falling off the fitness bandwagon. But if you’re incorporating someone else’s fitness ideas and challenges it keeps it more interesting.

- Companionship

Having someone to share the good, bad and ugly of your fitness journey with is just sweeter.

Sean Michael shares a few reasons why working out with your significant other is beneficial (and fun):

  1. Friendly competition to see who can get their heart racing a little more.
  2. Opportunity to catch up on the little things that you may miss as you cross paths daily.
  3. You will both be on the same page by helping each other stay on track for the personal and couple goals that you have set.  

There are different kinds of partner workouts. It’s not a one size fits all either. Some individuals flourish in a group setting, while others love the idea of having one go to partner.

Below we’ve outlined the variety of group exercise options.

- Buddy Workout

This workout style might be right for you if you have a spouse, neighbor, co-worker or friend who is interested in similar fitness initiatives. When picking your workout buddy it’s critical to ensure you have compatible schedules and goals. If one of you is trying to run a marathon, and the other has never run a 5k you might not be the best partners.

- Group Workout

Are you an extrovert? Do you thrive in large group environments? Group workouts might be more your style. The high energy level and healthy competition has the ability to push you to the next level. Check your local gym or recreation center for a list of classes and pick one that you find most interesting.

- Personal Trainer

Are you new to fitness? Unsure of how to use the equipment or what exercises will best help you achieve your goals. A personal trainer is the best fitness buddy you could ask for. Personal Trainer Petros Arzoumanidis of Workout Anywhere (and Gym Source preferred trainer) shares why.

“Trainers can introduce you to new training equipment & routines.  By knowing your body, preferences and goals, trainers can offer the most effective suggestions while explaining the benefits of each exercise, why they are important for you in particular, and the reasons for their sequence. They can also help maximize the effectiveness of your time spent training. They will be able to provide custom tailored care, keep you on a purposeful sequence, without having to keep notes, track weights/reps, or choose exercise selection. Personal Trainers are great for bringing a motivating energy to the room, with new exercises and equipment to spice up your routine.”

Need help finding the right personal trainer? We have a vetted list of local certified trainers we can refer you to. Contact your local equipment expert today. Or view our ultimate guide to choosing the right personal trainer for you.

- Utilize fitness equipment designed to support multiple users

Multifunctional equipment is ideal for anyone with a home gym that needs to accommodate multiple users, but without the need for individual pieces to accommodate everyone.

We asked our equipment experts what multifunctional equipment would be best for buddy workouts and strength equipment was at the top of their list.

Multifunctional fitness equipment allows for diversified strength workouts, and the flexibility to support multiple users, in a small footprint. These machines are great for the whole family from rehabilitation to sports training, functional fitness to strength training everybody can reach their fitness goals through multipurpose equipment.

Learn more about the benefits of multifunctional equipment here.

Have a workout buddy and ready to break a sweat?

Gym Source VIP Personal trainer, Kate Campbell shares an excellent buddy workout you can complete almost anywhere.  

The Buddy Workout*: 20 reps, 4 rounds

- High Five Burpee: facing each other make full contact with ground, jump up into an awesome overhead high five with both hands. 20 total or modification is 10 each- alternating or together. 

- Deep Squat with Hand Hold: practice increasing your range of motion (and trust) by linking wrists while performing a deeper than usual squat. I recommend placing a small step or medicine ball to focus on gluteal contact. You can add challenge by both holding (1) body bar while having your hands alternating, arms locked and shoulders retracted (added bonus of shoulder burn, woo! 20 total. 

- Power Push Ups: one partner on ground in push up position while second partner holds their ankles in push up position. In sync lower down and push back up. Split reps in half and switch positions. 10 on ground, 10 on ankles.

- Balance Medicine Ball Toss w/ 1 Leg Reverse Lunge: standing and staying on 1 leg at a time, one partner throws using core and shoulders while balancing on one leg. Meanwhile the receiving partner catches the ball while balancing on one leg, bends arms while pulling medicine ball into chest and shoulders tightly compressed together, step floating foot backward into a reverse lunge position, power up through front heel and back toe (use gluteals) to through. 10 each leg. 

- Balancing Bridge: laying on back with feet facing partner, both partners scoot in close and get in bridge position as if you were doing a wall bridge- legs 90 degrees, feet heel to heel pressing into partners. Make sure both partners begin with knees in alignment with hips and ankles in alignment with knees. Press through feet against partners feet to raise hips, squeezing gluteals and pulling core in tight. Work to stay balanced with amount of power partner gives. To increase difficulty level add a band above knees or yoga block between knees. 20 total.

Ready to get started?

Talk to your local gym source fitness equipment expert to discuss the best workouts and technology available for your specific workouts.

Consider Gym Source your fitness buddy as well, coming alongside you as you create, push through, and accomplish your fitness goals!

*Workouts suggested on this website or by personal trainers are not to be interpreted as treatment plans or substitutes for medical consultation. Before undertaking any exercise program, please consult a physician or healthcare provider for appropriate safety precautions. If at any point during a workout you start to feel dizzy, faint, short of breath, or experience physical discomfort, discontinue your exercise immediately and consult a physician.

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