Buying JUST ONE Piece of Equipment? Make it a Treadmill!

If you are looking to up your cardio game, you know we have ALL of the equipment you’ll need. At Gym Source we have premium ellipticals, steppers, rowers, bikes -- you name it, we have it and we have the best. BUT if you are looking to buy just ONE piece of equipment, we highly recommend a treadmill. A treadmill is a machine you’ll use right away and it will grow with you as your fitness journey changes.

A New User Can Start Right Away and That Feels Great

For individuals starting their exercise journey, the science behind the motivators of exercise and exercise adherence (sticking to your plan), the largest predictor in making that choice is called competence satisfaction. Competence satisfaction refers to the positive experience you feel from mastering a task. Walking and running are motions that are probably familiar to you so it’s easy to feel successful on a treadmill right away. While stepping, the elliptical motion, rowing and riding a bike offer excellent cardio training options, those motions are not as universally familiar as walking and running.

Consistent Environment = Improved Performance

A treadmill is an excellent option for the seasoned exerciser, even for those who are already running outside. Running indoors allows for a controlled environment. When working on improving pace at any given output, the treadmill removes a number of constraints that exists outdoors. Variations in weather, temperature, humidity, variations in running track (like turns, elevation and surface material) and particulate matter (like pollen and pollution) negatively impact a runner’s performance outdoors. All of these factors can be controlled when running on a treadmill indoors. This allows the seasoned outdoor runner to focus and improve on speed, year-round.

The SAID Principle Keeps you Going!

The “S.A.I.D. Principal” stands for Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand. Studies comparing triathletes and long distance runners clearly suggest that your body responds and adapts to the type of exercise you do. In other words, to get better at running, the best exercise to do is running. To maintain mobility and keep walking throughout life, keep walking!

Ground Reaction Force can Combat Bone Loss

A treadmill offers something while you train that no other cardiovascular machine can – ground reaction force. Often times an elliptical, rower, or bike are suggested modes of exercise to decrease the amount of shock that can occur through knees and the lumbar spine when running. However, by reducing this type of stress, the ground reaction force is also removed. Activities with ground reaction force, like walking and running are necessary to stimulate osteoblast production. Improved osteoblast production is THE critical factor is slowing bone loss associated with age, especially as individuals enter into the rapid bone loss period. This rapid loss period, which occurs in all individuals, begins at about age 55.


A treadmill can be used for far more than walking and running, with variations in incline and decline (some treadmills even incline as high as a 15% grade) the treadmill provides an extremely versatile option for a wide variety of workouts.

So, if you only have one option, buy a treadmill. For more information on how to choose the best treadmill, read Anatomy of a Treadmill and find out what lurks below deck.

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