Challenge Your Current Workouts

Committed to your current workout plan, but want to keep evolving and crushing your goals? We have the tips to beat workout boredom, and put your familiar routine to the test.

Did you know exercises become less effective if done the same way, for the same length of time, over and over again? This phenomenon is referred to as exercise plateau. And while we appreciate a good fitness routine, we're here to encourage you to mix it up.

“Vary your workout routines. Try a different order of operation or switching days that you do one video or series of workouts. The more you throw your body a curve, the better it will respond. Don't get hit with the dreaded plateau,” shares personal trainer Sean Michael.

Having a workout routine is ideal, as the best exercises are the ones you actually do! But, be on the lookout for signs you've hit a plateau including:

- You no longer feel challenged during or after a workout. You know the feeling after a hard workout, and once you've lost that loving feeling, it's a good sign it's time to step up your game.

- You've become a chatty cathy. Remember the day you first stepped on the treadmill and could barely speak because you were focusing on making it through the workout. If you can hold a full conversation with ease during a run, it's probably time to pick up the pace, try a new routine, or mix up your workout with HIIT. Learn how to build your own HIIT routine.

- Your heart rate isn't moving on up. In today’s technologically savvy world we don't have to guess, our heart rate will let us know when it's time to change it up.

For example, TRUE fitness products can incorporate the innovative HRC Cruise Control™. This feature allows you to select a specific target heart rate and the HRC Cruise Control™ will automatically adjust speed and incline during your workout to maintain the targeted heart rate.

Ready to challenge your current workout routine?
Tips to put your familiar fitness routine to the test.

- Compliment your cardio workout with a strength routine. Is your comfort zone on the treadmill or elliptical. Consider mixing it up with strength machines or free weights to vary the muscles used during your workout.

Need help determining rather free weights or machines provide a better workout? Ultimately, the right fitness equipment solution depends on your goals and personal preferences. Quality fitness equipment is an investment in your health, and you can’t go wrong when you choose equipment you are motivated to use.

However, to get you view Gym Source experts’ and personal trainers tips to purchase the best strength equipment for your workouts.

- Sandwich your strength workout with a cardio routine.

“Variety is like a box of straws. Each one does the same work but is just a different color. Same thing with your exercises. Each one targets the same muscle group just from another angle or perspective. Pick a new straw from your repertoire until it's time to cycle back again,” highlights Sean.

Alter your workouts can be as simple as altering the reps, sets, weight, type of workout, length of workout, or even time of day. Don't think of this as a burden, but moreover an opportunity to bypass the predictable.

- Take it outside. Do you typically workout inside on the same machines? Go to a local park with outdoor equipment or the beach for a run. Simply switching up where you workout can diversify the muscles used.

- Hire a personal trainer. Really looking to mix things up? A personal trainer will ensure your workouts aren't predictable. There are many benefits to hiring a personal trainer, including it is one of the best ways to reach your goals safely and effectively – and to make sure you are getting the most out of your fitness equipment.

Safety, versatility, variety, and expertise are just some of the major benefits of working with a certified personal trainer. The ultimate guide to choosing a personal trainer will help you get select the right personal trainer for you.

Ask your local Gym Source equipment expert for a list of vetted local trainers.

- Take a fitness class. Whether virtually logging on from your spin bike or actually attending a fitness class trained instructors will be sure to push you to workout varied muscles.

“A burgeoning fitness trend is the world of connected fitness, where we have apps connecting users with workouts for home fitness equipment they already have. For example, you can get over 40 riding course and studio sweat classes combined in the Expresso Upright Bike" shares Norm Morrison, equipment expert at the Newton Gym Source. 

- Download an app. Did you recently invest in a new piece of equipment? Are you looking for more ways to use your current equipment? Manufacturers want you to get the most from the quality home gym equipment they design, so often they will provide tools that guide you through different workouts right on your equipment!

For example, the HOIST Strength App integrates technological features to fuel your workouts. The app offers a variety of pre-designed workout programs for beginners to advanced athletes, and the ability to create and save your own workouts.

Now that we've got the wheels turning on how you can take your workouts to the next level, connect with your local Gym Source fitness equipment expert for more personalized solutions.

Gym Source will know the tools to evolve your current workouts, and conquer new goals.
In addition, we can demonstrate different ways to get the most from your current equipment, new product innovations, new fitness trends, and provide education on the best ways to utilize your current fitness tools (paired with new solutions) to accomplish your goals.

They are not only here to ensure you have the right piece of equipment, but to empower you to use it to its fullest potential. They'll lead you through a brief survey that will help them give individualized suggestions on how to change up your routine to maximize your results.

Change it up now!

To get started, our brief fitness assessment delivers accurate recommendations; focusing only on solutions that specifically support your goals.

- We start by understanding your fitness foundation.
- We ask precise questions to guide our recommendations.
- We don’t just recommend products - we actually walk you through an interactive experience of our recommendations.

Or, visit your local Gym Source to put your current fitness routine to the test. Personalize your challenge at our fitness equipment showroom where you will learn the best tools to start your wellness journey, or evolve your current workouts to conquer new goals.

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