How to Buy Dumbbells

Not all dumbbells are created equal. There are different looks, feels, and quality levels.
But, how do you know what type of free weights are best for your home gym?

Our ‘Dumbbells Buyer’s Guide’ below features innovative dumbbells from Hampton Fitness. Enjoy a virtual product demonstration with a Gym Source equipment expert to understand why Hampton Fitness products go hand-in-hand with designing your perfect home gym space.

How to Buy Dumbbells: Featuring Hampton Fitness


To learn more about the benefits, features, and the questions to ask when purchasing dumbbells, read our tips below.

What are dumbbells?
Dumbbells are handheld free weights consisting of a handle and matching weights attached on both ends. They can be used individually or in pairs, one in each hand.

Dumbbells are great for beginners because they require more individual muscles to fire in your arms and core to keep the weights stable as you move them up and down. Your hands are not in a fixed position like they would be using a barbell, so there’s less rigid stress on your tendons.

To learn more about the different types of free weights and how to get started working out with them, view our Beginner's Guide to Free Weights.

The benefits of working out with dumbbells
It is important to note that when it comes to fitness equipment, there is no “one best” piece of equipment. Your goals, current fitness levels, and limitations will determine your best workout strategy, as different types of fitness equipment is designed to achieve different results.

However, free weights are a great option for anyone starting a workout program, wanting to build strength or range of motion, or add more resistance to their cardio workouts.

Why you should add free weights to your workouts:

- Versatile workouts can be accomplished with free weights
You can use dumbbells to strength train your arms, back, core, and legs. Additionally, you can use them while doing cardio exercises to make your workouts more challenging.

- People who have limited space or budgets can get a great workout with dumbbells
The versatility and small size of free weights means that you can get a total body workout in a small space.

Dumbbell workouts recruit stabilizing muscles
Muscles acting in a stabilizing role aren’t directly involved in lifting a weight, but instead keep certain parts of the body steady so that the primary working muscles can do their job properly, according to Women Fitness.

- Get a long-lasting fitness product for a small investment
Dumbbells are a great choice for home fitness equipment for the price conscious fitness fan who is looking to start, update, or add to their home gym. For a smaller investment than larger cardio or strength equipment, you can build an arsenal of workout tools.

Additionally, you can gradually increase your collection of weights as you gain strength and endurance.

- Dumbbell workouts help you build muscle multiple ways
- Isolation movements targeting specific muscle groups during a specific movement. For example, bicep curls.
- Compound exercises incorporating more than one muscle group at a time are a great way to build muscle and increase your endurance. For example, squats with shoulder presses.

- Workout safely with dumbbells
If you are working out with dumbbells and they are too heavy, don’t fear. Simply drop the dumbbells without the need for additional assistance.

Types of dumbbells
- Fixed Dumbbells: Traditional round dumbbells, like the wide selection offered by Hampton Fitness.
- Hex DumbbellsSix-sided, instead of round, which allow users to place on the floor without them rolling away.
- Adjustable Dumbbells“Selectorized dumbbells” like PowerBlocks is an adjustable dumbbell that provides a range of weight in a single dumbbell set. To use adjustable dumbbells, you use a selector pin to choose the amount of weight you want to lift.
- Circular dumbbellsNuBells are a rounded hand weight designed to encircle your hand. Their unique circular shape keeps the weight evenly distributed on your hands throughout the motion of lifting. Distributing the weight equally around your hands allows you to solely focus on lifting - not balancing - the weight. Curious if you and NuBells are a match? Click here to learn more about what NuBells have to offer.

Why it is important to invest in quality dumbbells
A lot of people think that dumbbells are all the same, and it doesn’t matter what you purchase for your home gym. This is far from the truth. The basic shape of a dumbbell leads people to believe they are all built the same, but attention to detail is what sets them apart.

Want to test a variety of dumbbells to decide what design you prefer? Give Hampton Fitness products a spin. Hampton Fitness is known for creating high-quality dumbbells in a variety of designs.

Additionally, Hampton Fitness is dedicated to innovation to build a better dumbbell via design improvements that make the weight more durable and more comfortable.

Hampton Fitness product innovation includes:
- Hampton’s design process includes shaking their weight molds to allow bubbles to escape. This leads to a less porous, more solid, design.
- Using roll pins to attach the handle to the head - creating a sturdy construction that won’t break from within. You can workout hard knowing that if the dumbbell was to drop and hit the ground, the heads won’t fall off.
- Ergonomic design to match human anatomy. The grip of Hampton Dumbbells is form fitted to your hand, creating a more comfortable workout experience.
- Aesthetically pleasing. Hampton Fit’s Jelly Bell is designed to be attractive, colorful, and cutting edge.
- Incorporating urethane shell on a variety of their products. Their urethane shell is impervious to damage and creates a layer of protection against abusive workout environments, like in a gym where weights are typically dropped or slammed down.

Now you know what to consider when purchasing dumbbells for your home gym.
Connect with an equipment experts today to test a wide variety of fitness equipment at your local Gym Source today.

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