How to Update Your Home Fitness Space

Like the idea of working out on home gym equipment, but underwhelmed with your existing home fitness space? We’re here to help.

With these few simple tips you can simply and affordable have a home gym equipment space you’re excited about!

The top ways to make big changes to your home gym without big effort include;

Consider a Clean Sweep

Clinging to workout videos from the 90s? We get it, a squat is still a squat and those workout clothes are destined to come back, but if you don’t even have a VHS player anymore it’s probably time to purge those bad boys. While we appreciate having an array of accessories and resources, if they’re just collecting dust, it’s time to toss them.

Keep it Organized

Do you love fitness accessories, but have them scattered about aimlessly? Not only does that look cluttered, but it’s not functional. Consider installing hooks for things like resistance bands and jump ropes and shelving, cubbies, or baskets for free weights and medicine balls.

Give Your Gym Equipment Breathing Room

You wouldn’t pile a sectional into a room that was clearly designed for a love seat. Don’t try to shove too much gym equipment into one room. Love your cardio machine, but considering some strength equipment? Check out our corner units or a simple bench and free weights if a full size functional training system won’t fit. Our gym equipment experts are here to help you best utilize your space; don’t hesitate to reach out for design help.

Love Your Gym Equipment

Still holding onto that treadmill you scored at a garage sale because it was a steal deal? If you love it and you work out on it daily, score! If it’s bulky, outdated and a drag to work out on, consider upgrading. No one wants to workout on equipment that they are not excited about.

Don’t Underestimate Flooring

You would never redo your entire bathroom but leave the old linoleum flooring installed. So why minimize the importance of flooring in your fitness space. Not only will it look awesome, but it’s functional as well! We offer wall to wall flooring, interlocking tiles, and equipment mats in a variety of colors and patterns. If your feet are always cold, you’re over squeaky floors, or you just want a great looking, easy to clean flooring solution it’s worth taking a peek at our selection here.

Spice up Your Walls

A fresh coat of paint or some new wallpaper goes a long wall. Experts suggest muted blues and silvers for those looking to focus during workouts, burnt oranges for those looking for motivation and drive, and lavenders or sage for those looking for relaxation. Bonus points awarded for those who add a chalkboard wall for motivational quotes, workout routines, or personal records.

Install Mirrors

We get it, maybe you don’t want to stare at yourself while breaking a sweat on the treadmill. But, mirrors naturally help make a space seem bigger and brighter and functionally are great for weight lifting and floor work form.

Get Unique with Décor

Just because this room is designed for function doesn’t mean it can’t look great. Consider creating a gallery wall with some of your medals, trophies, jerseys, or race photos. Motivational quotes or art make for great focal points too.

Tap into Technology

Don’t forget to outfit your fitness space with a TV or speakers to keep you entertained throughout your workout. Many of today’s machines have blue tooth technology you can tap into. Additionally, you can download a variety of fitness apps. See our gym equipment experts suggestions here.

By simply incorporating a few of these design tips into your fitness space you’ll have a functional and inviting home fitness space in no time. If your upgrades require any new equipment, accessories or flooring our experts are happy to help you from design through installation. Call or visit your local showroom today.

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