Learn How to Optimize Your Fitness at Every Age

Gym Source Presents Free Optimal Age Fitness & Health Event

Learn how to optimize your fitness at every age in Short Hills, NJ Showroom

Gym Source will present an Optimal Age Health & Fitness information and training event November 9, 2019 10:00AM - 4:00PM at 740 Morris Turnpike in Short Hills, NJ.

Each participant will receive a custom fitness profile and Optimizing Age plan of action from physiologist and educator Angela Santoni, PhD and celebrity trainer Danny Musico.

Optimizing Age is a concept developed by Angela Santoni, PhD. It considers the various systems of the human body that change as we age and how to address each system (muscle, heart, brain, bone) to achieve optimal health. Optimal health is the highest possible physical, mental, and social state with the lowest risk of developing future diseases.

“Optimal Age asks that we throw away the idea of accepting age as a fixed state and take ownership of the controllable components of aging. It’s not about turning back a clock, but it’s also not about settling in,” Santoni explains. “It’s about understanding the changes in your body based on age, and targeting the areas you can improve through exercise and nutrition.”

Danny Musico, personal trainer to the stars, will lead participants through training techniques tailored to specific fitness goals and concerns.

The event will feature several stations, with assessment tools, fitness information and nutritional advice at each location. Participants will learn what they can do to improve their health at every age. 


  • Take ownership of the controllable components of aging
  • Learn training techniques tailored to your specific fitness goals and concerns
  • Explore assessment tools and fitness & nutritional advice to learn what you can do to improve your health at EVERY age.
  • Learn more or register for event reminders and highlights.






Join us November 9th, 2019 at our Short Hills, NJ fitness equipment showroom from 10AM to 4PM to learn about active aging -- come to the workshop, leave with a customized plan. 


About Angela Santoni:

Angela Santoni is an educator and researcher focused on effective wellness interventions and educational platforms. A twenty-year veteran in the wellness arena, she’s held positions with Equinox, Gym Source, Life Fitness, Cybex, True and Octane. She contributed to the first NCCA skill-based assessment standard in Personal Training for the Institute of Credentialing Excellence. She holds a BA in Exercise Science from Rutgers University, an MA in Exercise Science from Brooklyn College and a PhD from Northeastern University.

 About Danny Musico:

Musico is a former Olympic Boxing team member, former Golden Gloves Champion and a two-time Professional World Super MiddleWeight Boxing Champion. He regularly trains elite athletes and is considered Hollywood’s #1 celebrity trainer and has worked with Leonardo DiCaprio, Sylvester Stallone, Justin Bieber, Toby Maguire, Carrie Underwood, Hillary Swank and the cast of Entourage. He is an on-air commentator for ESPN, HBO & USA Networks and provides gym development services for hospitality, resort, and commercial properties.

About Gym Source:

Gym Source is the nation’s oldest and largest specialty distributor of fitness equipment. The company has 33 retail locations from Florida to New Hampshire and offers a full range of fitness products including treadmills, strength training equipment, bikes and ellipticals both for commercial gyms and home use. The company takes great pride in its reputation as America’s #1 fitness equipment expert and its exceptional post-sale installation and customer service. Gym Source has made over 2 million fitness equipment deliveries to its nearly 400,000 customers. 

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