Personal Trainer Spotlight: Brent Pendleton

Personal Trainer Spotlight: Brent Pendleton

Area Servicing: Servicing the greater Newton, MA area.

Experience: Brent is a certified Athletic Trainer and Strength & Conditioning Specialist with over twenty years experience.

At Gym Source, we value the expertise of personal trainers. That’s why we regularly spotlight local trainers who have a passion for fitness. This month we are featuring Brent Pendleton, owner and trainer at One2One BodyScapes Newton, a small, private, upscale personal training studio with eight trainers.

When asked his fitness philosophy Brent explained, “I like to train for fitness, strength and function. Everything I do with a client is to get them stronger where they need it, more flexible and mobile where they lack it, and have the exercises carry over to real life.  No one ever gets a cookie cutter workout; every workout is tailored to meet that persons specific goals and needs at that time.”

To begin meeting these goals, clients simply need to make the decision to pick up the phone and make that first appointment. We’re creatures of habit, once we’re in a routine with accountability we have great potential to thrive.

For those considering beginning the journey with a personal trainer what to expect can be daunting. Brent broke down the One2One BodyScapes first session with us to remove the unknown and help our readers be prepared for their initial personal training assessment.

“Typically a first session will include a health questionnaire, exercise questionnaire and discussion regarding goals, whether that be weight loss, strength training, running a 10k, whatever the individuals reason for walking through the door that day may be. So long as there are no red flags in the health screening a functional movement screening will be conducted, including things like squats, lunges, and arm rotations to get a feel for the client’s level of mobility. Depending on how long that takes we usually are able to move right into a first workout.”

Not so scary, right?

“As future sessions progress we are in a continual state of goal assessment and screening, if necessary we scale up or scale down to ensure the client is challenged, but never at risk for injury. In other words, train hard, but do no harm."

When asked his favorite piece of equipment to use, he couldn’t pick just one. “For machines I like the lat pulldown and seated rower. But truthfully, I like to use every modality available to me, from dumbbells and barbells, to bands and tubing, kettle bells, balance tools, battle ropes, sleds, etc.  If I have access to it, I'm going to incorporate it if it's right for the client at that time.”

The goal is to create movements that carry over to real life often moving multiple joints at once.

While Brent of course loves helping a client cross a finish line or meet a weight loss goal, he shows up every day to help clients conquer mini successes.

“I love when my clients finally see or feel a result, something like picking up a newspaper for the first time in years without back pain or jogging up a flight of stairs without losing their breath is an everyday win worth celebrating."

In the greater Newton, MA area and looking start celebrating mini successes alongside Brent? Him and his team at One2One BodyScapes Newton would love to work with you. Check them out on Facebook or visit their website.

Not in the Newton area but inspired to connect with a personal trainer? Contact your local Gym Source equipment expert for a local VIP trainer referral.

Ready to start building your home gym or expanding your current one so a local trainer can train you in the comfort of your own fitness space? Contact a local equipment expert today to hear about the latest strength and cardio equipment advancements.

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