Personal Trainer Spotlight: Erin Connor

Personal Trainer Spotlight: Erin Connor

Area Servicing: Servicing the Tampa, Florida area.

Experience: Erin is certified through the National Association of Sports Medicine as both a Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutritional Specialist with over 18 years experience. She also holds 5 Pilates apparatus certifications from Balanced Body University and has completed 200 hours of Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga Instructor training from Kripalu.

At Gym Source, we value the expertise of personal trainers. That’s why we regularly spotlight local trainers who have a passion for fitness. This month we are featuring Erin Connor, Director of Personal Training at Bayshore Fit.

Bayshore Fit is a boutique style gym with numerous trainers each specializing in unique programs from strength and conditioning training to marathon training, post rehab training to Pilates. Whatever your individualized training needs, they have an experienced trainer to help you reach your next goal.

Erin specializes in functional training, pre and post natal care, pre and post rehab, and Pilates. Erin’s training style and results have taken people to new levels of fitness, health, and wellness. Her specialties include weight loss and maintenance, body sculpting, nutritional guidance and improving self-esteem.

When asked her favorite piece of equipment, aside from the Pilates Reformer, she selected the TRX Home Training System and dumbbells due to their versatility amidst varied users, especially for balancing, body weight and strength exercises. “It allows me to teach proper posture as well as balancing, body weight and strength exercises. It really allows me to teach people how to master the correct form,” she states.

When asked for her top tips to select the right personal trainer Erin stresses, “of course check a trainers credentials and experience level, but also ensure your personalities mesh, you want to feel comfortable and enthused about your training program.” Other things to consider include if schedules coordinate, if you have a preference for male or female trainer, and if you have a unique injury or goal you’re working towards.

The neat thing about Bayshore Fit is the variety of trainers we have making us able to serve a variety of needs,” she explains.

For those new to working out Erin says to succeed, “you need to first find a fitness facility you feel comfortable working out in and second find a fitness professional you feel comfortable consulting with. At Bayshore Fit we view ourselves not just as your fitness facility, but as your fitness community.”

Erin said she’d be remiss if she didn’t mention last year she underwent a hip replacement herself so she understands the importance of pre and post rehab training to return you to full functioning. This experience has helped her understand what her rehab clients are feeling both physically and emotionally allowing her not only to empathize with them, but motivate them further to fully recovery.

In the greater Tampa, FL area and looking for a trainer? Erin and her team at Bayshore Fit would love to work with you. Check them out on Facebook or visit their website.

Not in the Tampa area but inspired to connect with a personal trainer? Contact your local Gym Source equipment expert for a local VIP trainer referral.

Ready to start building your home gym or expanding your current one so a local trainer can train you in the comfort of your own fitness space? Visit your local Gym Source fitness equipment showroom today to hear about the latest strength and cardio equipment advancements.

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