Top Myths in Home Gym Design

Skeptic about the ease of creating your very own home gym, or just unsure of where to start? Our gym equipment experts debunk the top myths in home gym design.

If you have been dreaming of curating your own home fitness space to escape the commercial gym crowd, or know the convenience of working out on your own home gym equipment will finally tackle the ever-present excuses for not exercising -  now is the time.

Myth Busting: Home Gym Equipment Edition
We know the right home gym equipment, designed to consider your available space, budget, and fitness goals will make working out at home more convenient than ever. So let's get started.

Myth 1: I won’t use home gym equipment

“If you just throw a few things in a room or an unfinished basement, yes, you will make a self fulfilling prophecy. I make the comparison to clients that they put thought into designing their living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens to create a space they enjoy. A home gym space is no different,” shares Gym Source equipment expert Evan Lyons.

It is important you design a fitness space in your home that considers your background, needs, goals, and limitations. There is not one size fits all fitness solution, it’s important that you find the right equipment for your goals and preferences.

To get started, think of past fitness experiences you’ve most enjoyed. We would venture to guess they wouldn’t include a treadmill sitting next to a washer and dryer in a damp basement, or an elliptical shoved between a guest bed and the wall. Let’s be honest, in those instances the equipment really just becomes a coat rack.

But, when we change the vision from simply owning a piece of gym equipment to curating a fitness space, all of a sudden we’re incorporating lighting, room color, flooring, décor and music. These small touches will make the space inviting and even addicting, in the best way.

Myth 2: I don’t have enough room

“I assure you that regardless of the space involved, Gym Source always has a solution.
We have so many different types of gym equipment ranging in size, configuration, and style that we always end up finding something that works in the available space. We take our time to analyze where they want to workout BEFORE suggesting gym equipment,” notes Chris Cesare, equipment expert at the Sarasota Gym Source.

It is possible to outfit fitness spaces from entire finished basements to studio apartments (and everything in-between), as long as you evaluate your fitness goals properly.

If your biggest obstacle to starting a home gym is limited square footage - you are not alone. In fact, the industry has responded by creating numerous solutions for those lacking in available space, including compact strength pieces, fold up rowers, space efficient spin bikes, low footprint treadmills and vertical dumbbell racks to maximize space.

Additionally, space efficient cross trainers, like the Octane Max Trainer are another great use of space as they are incredibly versatile with a small footprint.

Myth 3: Gym equipment is too expensive

If you’re serious about fitness, first calculate how much a fitness membership would run you per year. Then remember that buying quality fitness equipment is an investment. It is important you do not think of it as a short-term solution.

Additionally, a home fitness space does not have to all be built all at once. Start with a cardio piece you love, later add some accessories, and eventually add in a strength piece as your fitness goals evolve and grow. You do not have to start your home fitness journey by converting an entire room.

Plus, explore no-interest financing opportunities. This allows you to bring the accessibility of a fitness lifestyle into your home for less than you imagine.

Myth 4: Only a gym holds me accountable

Just because you have a home gym doesn’t mean you can’t workout with a buddy. Invite them over to use your epic new fitness tools! Plus, in today’s digital world you can keep each other accountable through online fitness apps or even workout in real time with people all over the world.

Myth 5: I am on my own if my gym equipment breaks or needs service

This is the main reason it is important to approach your home gym as an investment. One of the biggest aspects you should consider about routine maintenance, service, repairs, or warranties is - If it breaks who is going to perform the work?

Purchasing fitness equipment from reputable manufacturers and strong companies should eliminate any fears or hesitations about what you do if you have a problem.

Gym Source acts as an asset in this situation. You work with a local equipment expert, you have a relationship with the right person to contact for a solution, and you have the support of our service team behind you.

Myth 6: Purchasing gym equipment is too complicated

Yes - purchasing fitness equipment requires much more consideration and personalization than typically given credit. BUT buying the right gym equipment does not have to be a complicated process.

Getting started is easy.

The top questions to ask yourself before purchasing gym equipment are;
- What are your fitness goals?
- What type of fitness activities do you enjoy engaging in?
- What makes a workout experience enjoyable to me?
- What motivates me?
- What square footage do I have available?
- What is my budget or monthly payment availability?

Once you’ve answered these questions you can start crafting your perfect fitness fit.

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Ultimately, our focus is on making fitness more accessible for more people. We want to help you find the right fitness solutions for your goals, budget, and available space. So, let’s get started today!

Connect with your local gym equipment expert at your local Gym Source fitness equipment showroom today.

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