Trainer Spotlight – Bryan Jefferson

Gym Source is no longer just an equipment store to me -- they are my family and the go-to place for education and gym inspiration too!”

At Gym Source, we appreciate the importance of personal trainers. That’s why we regularly spotlight local trainers making a big impact on their clients’ well-being. We’re proud to feature Bryan Jefferson, Head Trainer and CEO of Action Ready Fitness in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia.

Bryan understands that not everyone is naturally enthusiastic about exercise. ”Truthfully, I HATED sports before high school,” he confesses. “I struggled with body dysmorphia because I was a pretty hefty kid and had a difficult time accepting the way I looked. It was not until high school where my perspective on athletics changes. I wanted to get the attention of the pretty girls in my class and noticed that they liked athletes, so I figured I would give it a shot. Little did I know that joining the freshman football team would introduce me to my passion for self-growth and development.”

Bryan attended Annandale High School in Northern VA where he was a three-sport varsity athlete competing in football, wrestling, and track and became a captain in football and wrestling. Although he was a force on the mat, his athletic performance on the football field plus his stellar academic performance in the classroom allowed him the opportunity to attend Georgetown University to play D1-AA football for the Hoyas on a full scholarship. While at Georgetown, he played defensive tackle and started in over 20 games.

When his football career ended in December 2017, Bryan decided to "leave it all on the field" which included the excess body weight he had while competing at 6'1" 315lbs. He started his fitness journey in April 2018 at 320lbs and got down to 240lbs by December 2018, a total of 80lbs. He posted all of his workouts, eating habits and personal motivations on his Instagram (@becoming_bryan) throughout the entire journey. He hit some lows, but he also had some highs and his followers saw all of it in real-time.

Bryan explains that Gym Source played a big part in his success. “Those 80lbs I lost? Gym Source helped me get there! I couldn't have gotten there without the crew at Gym Source! Vinny Ciaverella and Troy sold me my first heavy jump-rope which became the foundation of my workouts and the core of the Action Ready program. It was a $30 investment that turned into a 15-minute workout I did 6 days a week. The more I used it, the more I would see the weight just fall off! I wore out that rope in 3 months' time and had to come back to purchase a new one. However, when I came back into the shop in Falls Church, Vinny could barely recognize me. Between May and August, I had dropped 45lbs!”

Bryan was inspired to become a trainer by his support system and Gym Source is helping him grow his business. “My friends, coaches, and social media family saw how much I was investing in myself emotionally, mentally and physically and wanted to know how they can also transform their lives too. Vinny, Troy, and Maddie at Gym Source have been great in informing me about complimentary workout equipment and gear that would not only improve my workouts but also be useful in accelerating my brand. They have such a variety of options and go above and beyond to educate you on how to use the equipment too.”

His top three pieces of equipment are the Crossrope Weighted Jump Rope, LifeLine Power Wheel, and Harbinger Ab Wheel. These items are versatile, easy to store, and are reasonably priced. That is great for his clients who often want to have and keep their own equipment. It is also great for him because Gym Source’s VIP Rewards program for trainers offers a discount that allows him to pass on these costs to his clients. 

Bryan created "Action Ready Fitness" in order to help anyone interested in making a lifestyle change. His company provides a customizable workout program, dietary plan, and a collection of motivational support to help you get "ready for action". Whether you are looking to drop a few pounds, add some muscle mass, or revamp your existing routine Action Ready Fitness can help you get there! He works with clients to set realistic goals and encourage them to excel beyond what they believe what was possible. His team includes Gerard Kirlew, Brand Manager and Associate Trainer, Dennis Byrd, Boxing Specialist and Associate Trainer and Alex Alves, Director of Digital Media.

Bryan’s mission is simple: activate. “I think it is easy to ‘set’ a goal because that is something that starts as a thought in the mind, but what turns a thought or dream into reality is consistent ACTION. So to help my activate their aspirations into actions we can see, we focus on mindset training, or what I like to call "mental endurance", which is integrated into everything we do.”

No workout is longer than 90 minutes, and that includes four parts: a warm-up routine, dynamic stretch routine, three tiers of weight training, and concluding cardio or ab circuit. Most workouts are plyometric-based and leverage functional movements to keep the client in motion. “I want your heart pumping! We do our best to replicate the adrenaline one might feel on the court during a basketball game or between plays on the football field. To anyone looking to get action-ready, I ask that they demand the most of themselves and trust the process.” Although some of his clients have hit their weight loss goals in a fraction of the time that they would have spent with another program or trainer, the Action Ready system is built on the individual's willpower. “I, personally, CANNOT get these results for you but I can help you develop a mindset supported by effective techniques and target-specific routines that will get you ready to conquer any goal you set before yourself.”

The best parts of Bryan’s job are the progress photos his clients send in. Their transformation motivates them to keep going (and be consistent). You can access Bryan’s Instagram page @ActionReadyFitness.

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