Why You Should Buy a Cross Trainer at Gym Source vs Online

People often ask why you should come to Gym Source to get a cross trainer when you can purchase one online - and it is because of the Gym Source difference.

When you shop at Gym Source you are encouraged to touch, test, and see the different cross trainers available in our showrooms to find the one that fits you. You can’t tell by looking at a picture. At Gym Source, we have you get on each piece of equipment to see which one fits you - instead of you having to fit it.

Another benefit of shopping for fitness equipment at Gym Source is that you can’t can’t purchase with certainty online. Gym Source has been in business for almost 80 years, and the people that work for us are equipment experts.

When you come into a Gym Source, we work to match you with the best home fitness equipment for your personal goals. We consider ourselves equipment matchmakers.

From advice to delivery and installation to service - we are with you. When you purchase online you end up with a big box delivered to your house, that you have to assemble and hope you like the equipment you purchased.

We want you to be certain when you purchase fitness equipment; to be certain you are making the best decision for you.

Gym Source is proud of our high equipment standards. We have tested every piece of equipment available in our showrooms. Our equipment experts, service team and testers need to approve the machine before we sell it. Learn more about Gym Source’s high fitness equipment standards here.

Visit your local Gym Source to test drive a large variety of ellipticals and cross trainers, and to connect with one of our equipment experts.

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