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Benefits of Bringing Fitness Into Your Home

You cannot turn on a television or visit any social media platform without being bombarded with commercials about bringing fitness solutions into your home.  

Fitness Equipment Experts Debunk the Top Elliptical Myths

Ellipticals remain a widely used piece of equipment both in homes and in commercial gyms, but the most commonly believed elliptical myths could be holding you back from reaching your fitness…

The Benefits of a Home Gym vs a Gym Membership

The hard part is done. You made the commitment to a healthier lifestyle. You determined your fitness goals, and you made a plan. But, NOW comes the complicated part - WHERE will you…

How to Maximize Your Home Workouts

At Gym Source we feel the best home workout is the one you actually do! So, not only are we passionate about finding you the best fitness equipment for your home fitness space - we are…

5 Ways To Challenge Your Elliptical Workouts

Mix Up Your Elliptical Routine:  Love your elliptical but looking to challenge your workouts? Enjoy the pre-programmed cardio workouts, but want suggestions on how to mix up your elliptical…

Top Myths in Home Gym Design

Skeptic about the ease of creating your very own home gym, or just unsure of where to start? Our gym equipment experts debunk the top myths in home gym design.

Make Exercise Relevant: Functional Fitness

We may not all be athletes, but life is an endurance sport of its own kind, and everyone needs to bring their A-Game!

How to Design a Home Gym

How to design the best home gym.

Beat Workout Boredom

How to stay inspired to reach your goals.

Danny Musico Works Out at Gym Source

Personal Trainer Workshop: Gym Source’s flagship store located in Manhattan co-hosted an event with World Super Middleweight Champion and celebrity trainer Danny Musico.

How to Choose a Personal Trainer

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Personal Trainer In addition to choosing the right home gym equipment, personal trainers are an excellent tool to add to your workout routine. But, how do…

Buy From an Authorized Gym Equipment Dealer

What is an Authorized Gym Equipment Dealer?