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8 Common Treadmill Myths

Fitness equipment experts debunk the top treadmill myths. Treadmills remain a widely used piece of equipment both in homes and in commercial gyms, but are the most commonly believed…

Customer Spotlight: "It Has Saved My Running"

The ultimate success story for our equipment experts is not the sale of a product, but the positive impact of a product on a customer’s fitness journey. That’s why we love when our customers…

Unique Benefits of Free Weights

Intimidated by free weights? Unsure of the best way to incorporate free weights into your workouts to achieve your fitness goals? Always gravitating to strength machines instead? We can help.

Why You Should Invest in Adjustable Dumbbells

Free weights are a common addition to any home fitness space, especially those focusing on strength training or interval training. But an equally as common question is which makes the most…

How to Transition from Treadmills to Outdoor Race Training

How to Move Your Race Training Outdoors Love training on your home treadmill, but need to move to the road or trails for your impending race? Or looking to take advantage of the great summer…

Benefits of Adding Technology to Your Home Gym Workouts

Meet Your New Virtual Fitness Partner First, it's important to note that buying the right fitness equipment for your home requires more consideration and personalization than you may expect.…

One Day Can Change Your Whole Life

Gym Source supports Global Wellness Day; Converts showrooms into gyms open to the public. Visit any of Gym Source’s 35 stores on Saturday, June 8th to embrace Global Wellness Day and workout…

Versatile Fitness Equipment for Your Home Gym

Don’t have room for a massive home gym, but looking for a comprehensive solution? Our home gym equipment experts compiled our most versatile home fitness equipment from cardio fitness…

How to Keep Your Home Gym Workouts Fresh

Home gym workouts getting stagnant? We polled our home gym equipment experts for their top tips to keep your home workouts exciting.

Tips to Create the Best Home Gym

Put Your Home Gym Equipment Fears to Rest

How to Update Your Home Fitness Space

Like the idea of working out on home gym equipment, but underwhelmed with your existing home fitness space? We’re here to help.

Top Myths in Home Gym Design

Skeptic about the ease of creating your very own home gym, or just unsure of where to start? Our gym equipment experts debunk the top myths in home gym design.