Crank it Up with Johnny G’s KRANKCYCLE

Johnny G's Matrix Krankcycle

Renowned fitness expert Johnny Goldberg sure knows cycling, so it’s no surprise that his new Matrix Krankcycle is wowing athletes, trainers and cyclists throughout the industry and around the world.

With the Krankcycle, “Johnny G” as he’s popularly known—creator of Spinning and endurance cyclist extraordinaire—has reinvented cycling with a revolutionary design that brings basic cycling to entirely new muscle group.

With independent crank arms and ergonomic saddle for easy transition between positions, users can take a traditional biking workout and integrate an enhanced range of movement and deeper muscle engagement, regardless of level of expertise. What’s more, the Krankcycle is the ideal exercise tool for physically disabled fitness fans, fully adjustable and completely wheelchair-accessible.

The Krankcycle provides a complete and incredible workout, no matter what shape you’re in. Athletes of all abilities looking to get in shape or stay in shape will benefit from the revolutionary Krankcycle from none other than Johnny G.

“There’s nothing else like the Krankcycle, and I’m thrilled to have it on our showroom floor,” said James Sucato, Gym Source manager in White Plains, NY. “Clients line up to take a test spin, and then can’t wait to get it into their gyms, or into their homes. Plus, more and gyms are starting to integrate Krankcycle training into their group class environment.”

To learn more about how the Krankcycle can reinvent your workout, stop by your local Gym Source store, or visit us online.

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