Fix Your Weakest Link: Running

Are you doing well with the swimming and biking parts of your triathlon, but falling behind when it comes to running? While one part of this three-part race might come more naturally to you than others, fortunately you can train to improve your performance in all three. Here are some steps to boosting your running ability so it stacks up with the performance of your other two legs.

An amazing way to boost your running ability is to train with plyometric exercises, which have been scientifically shown to boost running mechanics and cut down on the amount of energy your body needs to run. (What is plyometric exercise, you ask? It’s essentially “jump training”—or working out with the same explosive, dynamic movements you enjoyed as a kid.)

Plyometric exercises can improve your power and speed, both important for running. But make sure you warm up first, and be consistent (say once a week during your race season or up to twice a week if your race is a few months away). Also, it’s best to put plyometric exercises into a wider routine of strength training workouts. For your strength training, use resistance training, free weights or multigyms to work out different parts of your body.

One example of a plyometric exercise is a squat jump. In a standing position, place your feet underneath your shoulders. Go into a low squat and jump up onto a platform, such as Stroops Deluxe Plyoboxes, which come in a variety of heights to steadily improve your jumps. When you jump on and off the boxes, you’ll gain leg strength and athletic control.

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