Spaulding Rehab Trusts the Boston Marathon GSX Treadmill

Boston Marathon GSX Treadmill

If you follow our Gym Source blog, you may have heard about distance runner Tyler Andrews’ world record-setting half-marathon run on on the Boston Marathon GSX Treadmill. This high-tech machine, designed with endurance runners in mind, is offered exclusively by Gym Source. Understandably, Andrews’ incredibly successful experience with the BM GSX Treadmill has kicked up quite a bit of hype around the machine, and believe us, it deserves it.

Hot on the heels of the runner’s record-shattering half-marathon time and in preparation for the official Boston Marathon, scheduled for April 21st, Spaulding Rehab set out to organize a running clinic for experienced racers and interested newbies alike. The choice of what treadmill to use for the clinic was, of course, a no brainer. Apparently the superiority of the BM GSX is a common opinion, because 200 people signed up. Gym Source was happy to donate the treadmill used for the clinic – anything to support health and fitness!

With the treadmill’s robust, proprietary drive system; rugged engineering; stable, road-like deck; wireless SpeedRing technology, and powerful 4.25 CHP drive system installed specifically for Gym Source, it’s no surprise that this machine is helping break records. And if you’re not a marathon runner, you need not be intimidated. This treadmill is happy to share its benefits with everyone.

To view more of Gym Source’s treadmills and see how different products stack up to the Boston Marathon GSX, start here. And a word to the wise - it would be prudent to act fast if you want to take advantage of the benefits of the BM GSX. The upgraded version is currently being sold at the same price as the online regular version, but it certainly won’t stay that way forever!

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