The All-New Mi7 – the Next Generation of PTS Workout Equipment

Mi7 Smith Functional Trainer Workout TempleFive years ago Hoist Fitness, producers of quality strength training equipment, introduced the Personal Training System Smith Machine (PTS). This innovative system has a floating bar that allows you to move forwards and backwards while doing lifts – giving you the safety of a Smith machine while also allowing you to use more of your balancing and stabilizing muscles.

The Mi7: Best of Both Worlds

November 2015 marks the arrival of the new Mi7, with the Mi7 Functional Trainer option. The Mi7 Smith and the Mi7 Functional Trainer are two independent pieces that can be used separately or combined into one piece of equipment. When they are combined, they fit into a 91’’X 83’’ space – making this combo a major space saver.

The Mi7 Smith

The Smith was originally conceived by Jack LaLanne and perfected by Rudy Smith. The Smith is a training machine for heavy lifting made up of steel rails that hold barbells. The Mi7 Smith offers the free movement of the previous PTS, but has more room for your weight bars. It features safety tiers that can be adjusted, and polyurethane covered rack outs for a quieter workout.

The Mi7 Functional Trainer

The Mi7 Functional Trainer is a double cable machine with a pull up bar and a set of dip bars attached to it. It has a removable and adjustable core stabilizer pad, rock climbing grips on the pull-up bar, and 28 pulley adjustment points per column to allow for exact adjustments. It also has stacks with columns that rotate 360 degrees for easy access.  It even has convenient storage areas and a holder for a phone or tablet.

A Winning Combination

Together, the Mi7 Smith and the Mi7 Functional Trainer are a combination that delivers both strength and efficiency. As soon as you walk into its sleek, solid frame you know you are in for serious workout. It looks tough and it definitely puts you in the zone. Once you’re there, the rest is up to you.

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