The Evolution of Tuff Stuff

Tuff Stuff Evolution

“Evolution” is an apropos name for Tuff Stuff’s new line of exercise machines, officially shipping on April 11th. The line is a great example of how manufacturers are competing to stay ahead of the competition and roll out the latest and greatest innovations. You can see previews and profiles of certain machines, such as the CPL-400 Plate Loaded Leg Extention and Prone Leg Curl Combo and the CPR-265 Evolution Strength Series Power Rack by going to the Tuff Stuff Facebook page here.

The new residential line comes with a number of sleek, performance-enhancing updates, such as new the new J-hook design on the power rack that allows users to adjust the bar catches without the use of plastic pop pins. As you can expect from Tuff Stuff, all the machines include ergonomic design elements and high-quality construction. Made up primarily of free weights and basic cable machines, the Evolution line is a great series of light commercial pieces at a superior value. We’re particularly big fans of the CLH300 leg press, but we try not to play favorites! All the Evolution machines will deliver you an enhanced workout without breaking the bank.

Find out more about Tuff Stuff Evolution, and other effective Tuff Stuff fitness tools, at Gym Source.


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