Total Gym Machines Provide Ideal Foundation for Upper Body Strength

Total Gym Pull Up Trainer

The Total Gym brand provides a line of great workout machines that can serve the needs of hundreds in a health club or attend to your individual interests in a home gym. Two such products are the Total Gym Press Trainer and the Pull-Up Trainer – both of which strengthen the upper body and continuously challenge you so you can get the toned, sculpted look you want.

The Press Trainer provides a more efficient way to do a shoulder press by placing users in an inverted position, effectively unloading the lower back and alleviating spinal compression. The flexible design allows users to customize their resistance by selecting a percentage of their own body weight to work against them. The construction includes a unique closed chain design that not only reduces shoulder impingement, but stabilizes the shoulder girdle. The Press Trainer even converts into an aid for performing decline push-ups.

The Pull-Up Trainer provides an alternate way to work the upper body that, when used in combination with the Press Trainer, delivers a key component of your arms, chest, and shoulder exercise routine. The Pull-Up Trainer allows users to choose from seven adjustable resistance levels and can even be customized for plyometric or one-arm pull-ups.  Add these machines to your lineup and you’ll be well on your way to enhancing muscle definition and further chiseling your upper body!

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