When space is a premium, think Paramount.

Paramount Decline Bench

At Gym Source, two popular specialty benches we’ve carried for years include the traditional ab bench—which is a decline bench for doing abdominals—along with a hyperextension bench, where feet are placed much lower (and where back extensions are performed from the bench). Both benches are top sellers among residential and commercial fitness settings, but can prove difficult for clients for constrained by space or budgetary issues.

Now, Paramount comes through with a piece that combines both exercises into a single machine. The Paramount Low Back/Abdominal Bench lets users perform both functions on this well-constructed, innovative machine. It’s the perfect solution for clients tight on space, or for multi-tenant facilities such as hotel gyms and apartment complexes. The combined bench fits into a small workout space and gives a more effective workout from one piece of equipment.

Best of all, this Paramount double-duty bench doesn’t focus on one exercise and sacrifice the other. It features a thigh pad with seven positions at 45-degrees to give the right form for a back extension, along with an ankle pad with three positions at 15-degrees to create the proper position for abdominal crunches. For users of all levels, it’s easy to adjust from one position to the other.

Try it for yourself! Visit your nearest Gym Source store to learn more about the Paramount Low Back/Abdominal Bench or contact one of our representatives.

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