Awesome Abs: Why You Should Put in the Work

Man Standing on Beach with Abs

With swimsuit season fast approaching, many gym-goers are scrambling to get beach-ready with a slimmer physique and six-pack abs. Getting a six-pack isn’t just about looking good, however. There are plenty of practical and beneficial reasons for putting in the work to get those washboard abs:

● Core Strength - Your abdominal muscles play a big part in the overall strength of your core. Having a solid core is great for athletic or other physical activities (such as swimming, running and carrying beach chairs), as it provides greater stability and balance. Learn more about training your core from the inside out in our blog.

● Posture - Strong abdominal muscles can help keep your spine aligned, allowing you to stand up straight and even make you appear taller.

● Pain Relief - Lower back pain is a worldwide epidemic. A strong core is commonly overlooked as a remedy. Abdominal exercises are a great way to strengthen your core, keeping you balanced and taking pressure off your lower back. Say goodbye to back pain!

● Head-Turning - Let’s be honest, the most popular reason people want six-pack abs is to look good. Beyond simply being aesthetically pleasing, having a six-pack sends a message. It says you’re disciplined and committed to taking care of your body. Plus, looking good makes you feel good.

Whether you want to strengthen your abs with a machine like the Abcore or with accessories like a Roll Board or Stability Ball, the important part is that you’re working your abs for more than just looks.


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