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How to Optimize Your Fitness at Every Age

Yes, you CAN optimize your age through fitness training to proactively address, and positively influence, some of the primary symptoms of aging. Yes, you CAN take ownership of the…

How to Transition from Treadmills to Outdoor Race Training

How to Move Your Race Training Outdoors Love training on your home treadmill, but need to move to the road or trails for your impending race? Or looking to take advantage of the great summer…

Versatile Fitness Equipment for Your Home Gym

Don’t have room for a massive home gym, but looking for a comprehensive solution? Our home gym equipment experts compiled our most versatile home fitness equipment from cardio fitness…

How to Keep Your Home Gym Workouts Fresh

Home gym workouts getting stagnant? We polled our home gym equipment experts for their top tips to keep your home workouts exciting.

Gym Source in the News: How to Create a Home Exercise Space

A home exercise room can be a sanctuary space, and Jana Soeldner Danger with the Miami Herald contacted our Gym Source equipment experts for the top tips to make your home fitness space…

Fitness Gift Guide

The best gift ideas for active people. From accessories, to first time fitness shoppers, to more advanced fitness enthusiasts - our equipment experts share their favorite fitness tools that…

Personal Trainer Spotlight: Rob Gasko & Allen Meretsky

Personal Trainer Spotlight: Rob Gasko & Allen Meretsky

Tips to Transition into Fall Fitness Routines

Seasonal change offers a natural opportunity to re-evaluate your fitness routine, and an opportunity to view the changing weather patterns as a fun way to revisit (and revamp) your current…

Personal Trainer Spotlight: John and Kristin Moore

Personal Trainer Spotlight: John and Kristin Moore

Connected Fitness: What is it and how do I get plugged in?

Connected Fitness. What is it and how do I get plugged in?

Buddy Up: How a Workout Partner Supports Your Goals

Stay committed to your fitness goals all year. Just because the excitement of the “New Year, New You” commitment has worn off - doesn’t mean progress towards crushing fitness goals need to…

Beat Workout Boredom

How to stay inspired to reach your goals.