Battle Ropes: Not Just for CrossFit Anymore!

Battle Rope

It’s no secret why battle ropes are all the rage. Targeting abs, forearms, back and legs, battle ropes strengthen muscle, improve endurance—and give your entire body an unforgettable workout. Best of all, exercising with battle ropes is easy to learn and easy on the joints.

At Gym Source, we offer a variety of rope brands and thickness. Our most popular models are from Unified Fitness Battle Ropes , which feature a heavy-duty 50-ft. length and 1.5-in. thickness, perfect for climbing or pulling. Without question, the rope’s 30-lb. weight provides incredible resistance during undulation exercises. Different lengths, weights and thicknesses help users of varying fitness levels achieve maximum results.

Battle ropes are easy to use—and easy to store.  But be careful! The material from which a battle rope is made determines whether it’s suitable for indoor or outdoor use. A Nylon rope, for example, is perfect for indoor or outdoor exercise since it won’t “shed”—however, a more fibrous rope made from Manila will shed constantly, which is why that material is suitable only for outdoor use.

The battle ropes sold by Gym Source are made from heavy-duty Nylon, and are perfect for fitness enthusiasts of all levels. Get to Gym Source to learn more about adding battle ropes to your home or commercial fitness studio.

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