Coming Soon! Tour de France Bike (Commercial Version)

ProForm Tour De France Indoor Cycle

With ProForm’s Tour de France Indoor Cycle, launched in 2013, indoor bike fans got a stationary bike that offers a real road experience from the comfort of their home. Now, as the commercial version of the bike comes to market, the Tour de France proves once again how heavy-duty durability, sleek design and superior technology can make a big difference to fitness results.

First, the Tour de France mimics the conditions of the road and the feel of a road bike. Featuring drop handlebars, accurate gear-shifting and dual-sided pedals like a road bike—as well as a Carbon Drive system that provides a true road bike feel—it’s the perfect choice for hardcore cyclists when outdoor weather conditions deteriorate. Plus, users of all levels can enjoy road conditions simulated with magnetic resistance, which accurately imitates hill climbs and declines to match the topography of your route.

Your route? Oh, yes—customized training is the bike’s best feature, enabled by the seamless integration of iFit technology. With iFit (powered by Google Maps), access every possible training route and topography in the world, from the mountains, to the prairie, and from sea to shining sea. When you’re finished, iFit stores all your workout data and motivates you to improve next time around.

Finally, the commercial version of the Tour de France bike benefits gym owners and employees with its low-maintenance design. The drive system requires little-to-no maintenance, and the bike is made with aluminum that resists rust, with the stainless steel parts protected in special housing to resist damage and user interference. The aluminum frame makes this bike lightweight and simple to move as needed, and its heavy-duty construction ensures that a multitude of users among all fitness levels can safely enjoy the bike for years to come.

The commercial version of the Tour de France indoor cycle is currently undergoing our rigorous Gym Source quality control process, but all signs point to a terrific fitness solution.  More details coming soon!

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