Disrupt Your Workout for More Motivation

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When your fitness goals run into a physical plateau, it’s extremely frustrating, but motivation plateaus are even worse. We’ve all been there. You’re putting in your miles and your time in the gym like you always have, but now it feels more like a chore than a treat and you’re counting down the minutes until it’s over. It’s affecting how long you workout, how often you workout, and how hard you work. How do you get out of this fitness rut?

Try Some New Moves
Are you a hardcore road runner? Maybe it’s time to try an indoor alternative like a treadmill or a Zero Runner. You can blast music and bask in your air conditioning. The change of scenery will be sure to wake you up.

Are you glued to your indoor cycle? Try another cardio option like boxing or dance. Working different muscles and moving your body in new ways will increase your interest and physical fitness.

Switch It Up
The easiest way to get bored is by doing the same routine over and over: running the same path, hitting 3 miles and calling it a day. Switch it up by adding in some intervals, hills, sprints or even a different exercise. Maybe you run a mile, then do 15 burpees, then keep running or do a mini triathlon – don’t worry about the distances. Just focus on the different exercises. Think outside the box of what you think you should be doing to spice up your workout.

Download a New Playlist
For many people, music is absolutely essential to the experience of exercising. When you first make it, your playlist keeps you pumped and pushes you through the end of your workout, feeling great along the way. But after some time, even your favorite songs become mundane and maybe even annoying.

If you’re a runner or a cyclist, consider choosing songs with BPMs that match your pace. It will keep you focused and may even push you to go a little faster to keep up.

Think about other genres in your new playlist. Music doesn’t have to match your exercise. Use whatever motivates you and interrupts your usual routine. It may take some getting used to at first but it will be a welcome disruption.

If your motivation is low and you’re stuck in a workout rut, interrupt your normal routine. Whether it’s a new activity, a new workout buddy or just a new environment, any deviation from the norm will perk you up to hit the ground running.

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