Gym Source's Featured Employee: Caolan Donahue

Each month, Gym Source features an employee who exemplifies the passion for fitness innovation and dedication to customer service for which the company is known.

Caolan Donahue and his favorite, the Power PlateEmployee: Caolan Donahue, Sales Manager
Location: Nashua, NH
Since: 2014
Quote: “I really like helping people.  Everybody that comes in has a different ‘problem.’  Whether it’s losing weight, overcoming an injury, or getting ready for an event --- I like helping solve those problems.”

Caolan Donahue is obsessed with customer experience.  From finding a client the right equipment to prepare for an upcoming athletic event to going the extra mile to help a client lose weight, Caolan is dedicated to and takes great pride in providing impeccable service.

As a member of the Gym Source team since 2014, Caolan has been a major factor in raising the game of his store in Nashua, NH.  Now he’s got his sights set on Reading, MA.  Gym Source is currently preparing for the launch of a brand new concept store in Reading, and Caolan will be leading the charge as Sales Manager.

The new store design fits with Caolan’s mission to give customers the best experience possible. It’s a space built for Gym Source customers, giving them the information they need in a fun and easy shopping experience. Caolan and his team of fitness equipment experts will help you find the right pieces for you and your goals without the hassle.

At Gym Source, we’re committed to helping everyday athletes like you achieve your Victory Moment and our employees are no exception! In addition to his commitment to the health and fitness of his clients, Caolan is dedicated to his own well-being and conditioning.  With a new baby on the way, he’s making sure to stay fit in order to constantly improve himself and to keep up with his newborn for many years to come.

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