Gym Source's Featured Employee: Rob Paterson

We are excited to shine Gym Source's featured employee spotlight on fitness industry veteran, Rob Paterson, who recently joined the Gym Source team

Rob Paterson Gym Source Featured Employee

Featured Employee: Rob Paterson
Location: Teterboro
Started with Gym Source: 2016
Quote: “When you work together great things can happen. But, it is only going to come with teamwork”

Rob’s role focuses on new store locations, and his responsibilities include wearing many hats, such as acting as a site selector, contractor, and a facilities manager.

Welcoming the challenge of his new position, he opened his first store within 90 days of his start date. “We got the new Peachtree Corners location opened without so much as blueprints of the existing space,” he notes.

Rob has been in the business of fitness for over 30 years, with a passion that continues to grow. However, that passion is now matched by his excitement for joining Gym Source. “I hope everyone is as excited as I am,” he says. “I have always respected Mr. Miller. He created a first-rate company that I believe sets a premium standard for the fitness industry, and I plan to keep those standards.”

Having a leadership role in expanding Gym Source’s footprint is a large task, but he prioritizes one responsibility above all others; creating opportunities that empower employees for success.

“More growth equals more potential. I am having fun in my new role, but I take the responsibility very seriously. The more stores we open, the more opportunities for new and current employees we create.” he proclaims. To accomplish this, he plans to apply his belief in the value of working as a team.

Joining a talented team of people is an advantageous tool for success. Throughout his professional career he has learned that asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but instead shows confidence in a strong team.

“When you work together great things can happen. But, it is only going to come with teamwork,” he feels. We are proud to welcome someone to the team that feels creating partnerships within the company is the best means to success.

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