Gym Source’s Featured Employee: Vlad Shindelman

Vlad Shindelman

Each month, Gym Source features an employee who exemplifies the passion for fitness innovation and dedication to customer service for which the company is known.

Employee:   Vlad Shindelman
Location:     Teterboro, New Jersey
Since:          1991
Quote:         “We’re very selective about the products we bring in.”

Vlad Shindelman is Director of Services for Gym Source. He’s been with the company since 1991, joining with a Master of Electrical Engineering degree and holding a patent for an electrical mechanical device which he created. Vlad Shindelman possesses a technical and inventive mind – a perfect match for a company dedicated to providing and servicing the most advanced, highest quality fitness equipment available.

The Inspector

We’re very selective about the products we sell and Vlad plays an essential role in, not only inspecting, but actually choosing the manufacturers and the products for Gym Source. Vlad is very hands-on as he carefully reviews each piece of equipment and even consults with manufacturers about developing new products. According to Vlad, “Since the manufacturers know that each product has to pass my inspection, they often ask for my input and opinions during their development stages during which the product is being developed, engineered, and manufactured.”

Don’t Make Him Say No…

We will not hesitate to refuse a product it doesn’t fit our criteria. Vlad scrutinizes each potential fitness machine to ensure it will meet Gym Source’s high standards for usefulness and innovation. However, the most important factor that Vlad looks for in a product is that it adheres to Gym Source’s safety requirements. “There’s no short cut here – if the product doesn’t meet our safety standards, Gym Source will not accept it.”

No Challenge too Great

When asked what he likes most about working for Gym Source, Vlad doesn’t hesitate a moment before replying, “The challenges. I like to resolve issues. Service is about resolving issues.” Vlad brings this pro-active, positive attitude to our sales team, when he meets to consult them. “These meetings are not about how to sell a product to a customer, but how to sell the right product to the customer.” According to Vlad, this is done by learning customer’s individual needs and personal fitness goals. The interaction between the salesperson and the customer is extremely important.

Vlad’s Recommendation

Among Vlad’s own favorite pieces of Gym Source equipment are the TRUE Z5 treadmills. According to Vlad, “They are good pieces, very popular, and not that expensive. They are bullet proof and proven. They have a great history and Gym Source has had great success with them.” These treadmills include the TRUE Z5.0, which is strong and stable with a sleek design and the TRUE Z5.4, which was voted Runner’s World’s “Plushest Ride.” More importantly, they’ve been sanctioned by ‘The Inspector’ – Vlad Shindleman, just like every piece of fitness equipment that Gym Source sells.

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