Inspiration Brings Out the Athlete in All of Us

This might surprise you: You inspire others.

At Gym Source, everyday athletes inspire us. When we see you overcome your challenges and achieve your fitness goals, we realize we can too.

So we’re turning over hundreds of pages of our website to share the fitness stories of everyday athletes like you. We’re calling it Victory Moment because we’re tracking these everyday athletes as they move towards their goals.

Every athlete deserves to be celebrated so we’re giving anyone with a commitment to fitness a platform to tell their story, an online support network and ongoing encouragement to keep going.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1 – Take a photo of yourself. Here’s a photo of someone who already posted their story on our Victory Moment pages.

Gym Source Everyday Athlete


Step 2 – Write your story. Tell us what your Victory Moment will look like. That moment that you feel like all your hard work has paid off. Tell us what inspires you and think about what might inspire others. There are many other people who can’t currently see their toes, or want to look good for bikini season, want to score more goals in a hockey game, or don’t want to look their age. Whatever your story, there are others who will find inspiration in your determination and celebrate every step you make towards your own victory moment.

Step 3 – Click here to post your photo and story. We’ll review it, and likely call or email you to get more details. We'll notify you when your page is posted. Then we’ll share it everywhere on our social media channels. We hope you’ll share it among your social media friends too.

Step 4 – We’ll get in touch by email or phone once a month to see how you’re doing. And we’ll be listening for any advice you can offer those following your progress and share that as well.

Are you wondering if your story would inspire someone? Trust us, the answer is yes. Here are a few stories you might think are too simple to inspire, but when we get them posted, you’ll change your mind:

• An 82-year-old man who walks as many days as he can during the week.
• A 29-year-old new mom who wants to regain her pre-baby body.
• A 50-year-old mom who wants to continue to look young and fit.
• A 54-year-old workaholic who wants to keep his blood pressure down.
• A fitness and nutrition trainer who suffers from a degenerative bone disease that only regular exercise can offset.

Gym Source Victory Moment

We believe that everyone who makes a commitment to fitness is an athlete and every athlete deserves to be celebrated. We hope reading other athletes' stories on Victory Moment will inspire you to keep pushing yourself, and to submit your own story. No goal is insignificant. If it’s enough to get you out of bed at 5:30am, it’s inspirational enough to be featured on

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