Why Your Weight Matters to Cybex

You’ve entered your weight onto the console of a fitness machine hundreds of times. Ever wonder why it matters? The hard truth is, most machines don’t make much of your weight data at all—it’s simply a means of calculating your approximate calories burned at the end of your workout.

But your weight matters a great deal to Cybex, and the result is a superior workout.

As the overachievers of the fitness industry, Cybex is one brand that takes full advantage of the weight data you provide. When you plug your weight into a Cybex Arc Trainer, for example, the machine responds by adjusting the difficulty of your workout in real terms. Put another way, a Level 5 workout on an Arc Trainer isn’t just a random level (as it is on any other brand of machine)—it’s actually the percentage of your bodyweight (in this case 5%) that’s being utilized for the workload. A Level 15 workout, for example, means that a much higher percentage of your body weight is being utilized for the workload, making the workout that much harder.

This important feature on Cybex machines accomplishes two main goals: One, it levels the playing field when comparing workout results with your spouse or workout partner. Just as a golf handicap ensures that players of different levels can evenly compete, Cybex ensures that all users are given a fair workout regardless of weight. Two, it means you can’t cheat! Since every level provides the same difficulty for every user regardless of weight, an older user can feel great about killing the same Level 7 the whippersnapper on the next Arc Trainer over is doing. The level you choose will actually challenge you in a way that’s appropriate for your body.

Gym Source carries five Arc Trainers, each with its own unique features. From the versatile 525AT; to the total cross-training action of the 625AT; to the the fully customizable 770A, you’re getting a superior workout on the cutting edge of fitness technology. Let our team help you find the perfect Arct Trainer for your home.

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