Justin Bador and Jeremy Cook

Justin Bedor and Jeremy Cook, co-owners and fitness trainers at BeFIT Health Studio in Lake Mary, Florida, are proud of their unique, team approach to fitness coaching.

Justin didn’t set out to be a personal trainer.  Right out of college Justin found himself overweight and unhappy in a job selling life insurance. He went back to school to become a certified personal trainer, and soon graduated from National Personal Training Institute. Instead of selling life insurance, he began ensuring that people lived healthy lives with a fitness program they could live with and love.

“I first worked at the YMCA, then as a private trainer in a small studio for years, and two years ago, Jeremy Cook and I opened BeFIT Health Studio, where we have a holistic, team approach to personal training and health,” Justin said.

Justin acknowledges coaching has changed dramatically from when he first started nearly 13 years ago. Back then, people only wanted to be sore—physically exhausted by hard, intense workouts. “Today, we emphasize a functional approach to training, with the goal to keep people fit for life.”

“It’s important to remember not all clients come from an athletic background, so we work to teach all clients strength, movement and flexibility in a safe, non-intimidating manner,” Justin said. He recognized that while many clients are athletic, some have injuries, are in different stages of rehab and healing, with some even battling chronic diseases. Justin, Jeremy and their team of trainers aim to empower clients to be fit for life, sometimes because of, and sometimes in spite of, pre-existing health issues.

That’s exactly why Justin buys most of his exercise equipment from Gym Source, where the equipment is of premium quality and works with all abilities. “The Power Plate is my current favorite,” Justin said. “Anything we can do on the floor, we can do with Power Plate with increased functionality. It activates all stabilizing muscles, increases flexibility, and becomes a perfect aide for training those with injuries and without – I just love it.”

“I know the equipment is top quality and when I refer clients,” Justin said, “I know Bill Morisco [at the Orlando Gym Source] will take good care of them with good customer service and excellent warranties.”

Taking a "Team Approach" to Functional Fitness

The team approach to training allows Justin, Jeremy and all BeFIT personal trainers to work together to benefit members. “At a private gym, trainers always guard their clients, worried someone will steal them. Clients become uncomfortable and intimidated if and when their own instructor is unavailable; they’re at a standstill about what to do and who to work with, and may skip a session,” Justin said. “That just doesn’t happen here: all our trainers work with all our clients. We complement each other; that’s the goal of the studio, to work as one to benefit all.”

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