TRAINER SPOTLIGHT: Erik Hajer | Newton, MA

Erik Hajer

Erik Hajer exudes wellness in everything he does—and he sure does a lot. Husband, father, triathlete, fitness mentor, personal trainer, author, and above all, Wellness Crusader—health and wellness are consistent, deliberate actions that guide his every move at The Fit and Well Studio in Newton, MA.

Since 1995, Erik has inspired thousands to live fit and be well by combining cutting-edge fitness with holistic health. With an extensive background in exercise science and nutrition, Erik has made it his life’s work to help people take empowered, inspired action to live a fit and happy life.

His mission? To help people take action to live a fit and happy life.

“I aim to awaken people to their own power to take action in their own lives, to develop lifelong healthy living, not just a workout,” Erik says. “Ultimately, everyone is looking for something different to feel better and do more, so I customize each approach to each individual.”

Inspired Action to Change Lives through Wellness

Erik inspires people to take action from a place of strength and power. “I wrote an entire book (Live Fit and Be Well) on developing the tools to break through internal roadblocks,” Erik says. Everyone has a story, he further explains, and he aims to help people “rewrite their story” with fitness and wellness—to break through not only physical barriers, but also those of mind and emotions.

His favorite exercise? The one that lights a person up from within. “The exercise that makes someone feel most alive, is the best one to use,” Erik says.  His quest for inspired action is just that: movement that makes life worth living, which unlocks true potential and is woven into everyday life.

Erik relies on Gym Source expertise and equipment to help realize these goals. “Gym Source always offers advice and high-quality equipment I can count on,” Erik says.

As Erik’s go-to source for his own fitness studio, Gym Source provides Erik the peace-of-mind that his clients get sound expertise and premium fitness equipment from the best in the business.

“When I refer clients to Gym Source, it’s my reputation on the line—so there’s a huge trust factor. I’m comfortable and confident Gym Source will always provide exactly what my clients need: expert equipment and guidance.”

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