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How to Buy Dumbbells

Not all dumbbells are created equal. There are different looks, feels, and quality levels. But, how do you know what type of free weights are best for your home gym?

A Vietnam Veteran’s Story: Accelerating Recovery with Exercise

Michael Price dedicated his life to serving his country and local community, and we are proud to show our appreciation by helping him return to a healthy, active lifestyle.

Gym Source Hires New Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Gym Source Hires New Vice President of Sales and Marketing! Gym Source strengthens dedication to building long-term relationships with customers. View full press release here. 

Best Workouts to Improve Your Athletic Performance

Baseball and softball seasons are officially in full swing - so if you plan to crush it this season now is the time to incorporate strength training into your fitness routine. But what is…

One Boston Marathon Survivor’s Course to Recovery

STILL STANDING: THE COURAGE TO OVERCOME Celeste Corcoran’s journey began at the finish line.

Trainer Spotlight: Kate Campbell

Trainer Spotlight: Kate Campbell

How to Maximize Your Workouts With Power Plate

What is the Power Plate and How to Maximize Your Workouts Using it.

Benefits of Exercise and Tips to Live a Healthier Lifestyle

Year-round Gym Source encourages fitness fans to live a healthy lifestyle inclusive of making informed food choices and incorporating healthy exercise habits. During March, we encourage…

How Exercise Improves Mental Health

The benefits of exercise have long been established, and there are lots of good reasons to live an active lifestyle including, higher levels of endurance, improved cardiovascular health,…

Get a Better Gym Equipment Buying Experience at Gym Source

Purchasing home gym equipment at Gym Source will provide you with a better equipment buying and ownership experience because we have been around for almost 80 years, and the people that work…

Trainer Spotlight: Ryan Hoffman

Trainer Spotlight: Ryan Hoffman Area: Greenwich, Connecticut Experience: Certified ACE Personal trainer with 17 years of experience.

Why You Should Buy a Cross Trainer at Gym Source vs Online

People often ask why you should come to Gym Source to get a cross trainer when you can purchase one online - and it is because of the Gym Source difference.