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Cybex Bravo Functional Trainer Product Demonstration

The Cybex Bravo is truly and all-in-one strength machine. With a small size to fit in the corner of any room, the Cybex Bravo has countless options to keep you motivated. Dictate the height…

Gym Source's Featured Employee: Randy King

This month Gym Source is proud to shine the spotlight on our Southampton store manager Randy King, who has been a part of the Gym Source team for 22 years.

Common Treadmill Mistakes You're Making

Running has numerous health benefits, and adding a treadmill to your home gym arsenal means you can workout regardless of the weather, create more challenging workouts that burn more…

Preventive Maintenance for Home Gym Equipment - Ellipticals

The goal of routine preventive maintenance is to keep your cardio fitness equipment healthy and working at a high level, because if it isn’t working properly how can you?

What is Gym Source's "Equipment Standard"? (Hint: It is High)

As the largest distributor of exercise equipment in the country, Gym Source has many choices in the equipment that we carry; but our commitment to you is that we only sell fitness equipment…


Top 10 Mistakes Project Managers Make on Gym Installs

Want to avoid construction blunders - minor to massive - in your fitness facility design strategy? Avoid the top 10 mistakes project managers make on gym installs with our checklist of tips.

Gym Source's Featured Employee: Rob Paterson

We are excited to shine Gym Source's featured employee spotlight on fitness industry veteran, Rob Paterson, who recently joined the Gym Source team

HOIST Mi7Smith Machine and Functional Training System

The Hoist Mi7 is an innovative piece of fitness equipment ideal for anyone wanting to improve full body strength and improve fitness endurance. 

Benefits of Combining Cardio & Strength Training

Benefits of Combining Cardio & Strength Training

Why Competition is Helpful in Reaching Your Fitness Goals

Why Competition is Helpful in Reaching Your Fitness Goals One excellent workout tool you can employ to help you reach your fitness goals is competition. Not only does competition encourage…